Cecil Russell was my great uncle. I would love to know any more details if anyone has them.
On March 17th/18th 1941 Bartlett was shot down over Chiddingly, East Sussex, in Hurricane Z 2704. He baled out wounded while the aircraft crashed at Stream Farm.
The pilot was Sgt Albert Frederick Charles Saunders, killed on landing the aircraft. He was only 19 and is buried in Earlsfield Cemetery near Wandsworth.
I am looking forward to your info and perhaps photos. I know a little bit of Les Fleurs de la Mémoire. You do a great job!
Hello, I am a member of the French association Les Fleurs de la Mémoire, which goal is to honor the American soldiers who rest in the Normandy and Brittany American Cemeteries. Each member has the duty of visiting the grave of the soldier(s) he/she ...
Hello, The pilot of this aircraft is my Grandfather. If you would like any further information. please contact me at [email protected] Regards Tony
Thank you so much for posting. My Great Uncle was part of this crew and am looking for any and all information about the crew and what happened.
Thank you so much to all who helped to free my home town, Gdynia Poland! The air raids were necessarry and are remembered.
While visiting Normandy on April 9, 20017 I placed a rose on private Shuping's. grave site to thank him for his sacrifice.
Stephen jenkins posted a comment in No. 101 Squadron
My name is stephen Jenkins my uncle, sgt Samuel jenkins was the wireless operator on Lancaster w4275 the aircraft was lost the night of 9/7/43 returning from a mission. Four of the crew members are buried in a small churchyard in a village called Mar...
My father was with the 903 Ordnance Heavy Automotive Maintenance Company (HAMS) through out the war. He mentioned a "castle" he was stationed at after the war ended. this must have been it...
PE sibeth was my grandfather. Definitely did not die in that crash
The exact location of the crash is : Den Dam, Breedenbroek (Gemeente Gendringen)
I have dug up Flight Lieutenant MS Fletcher ID tag whilst working as a landscape gardener, after cleaning off the dirt I have located him using resources like this! Any relatives or anyone interested can contact me on [email protected] I found ...
The graves of the crew can be found in Tolkamer (The Netherlands). http://nl.tracesofwar.com/artikel/2257/Oorlogsgraven-van-het-Gemenebest-Tolkamer.htm...
For me, this plane crashed at Durnal (currently city Yvoir), between Dinant and Ciney, in the province of Namur, Belgium. This is a proof by the absurd, as the mathematicians say. A plane has disappeared over Belgium and we do not know where, you say...
My father served in this unit. According to his separation papers, They were there for thirteen months and then sent to the Phillipines. Any other information on the unit would be appreciated.
A relative of my wife was married to Flight Officer Adrian Loving, and she was given his Purple Heart. We would like to give it to any relative of his. Thank you Bob Villa Richmond, Va
Looking forward to your info, photos, if any.