102nd Infantry Division United States

The division insignia combines a golden "O", "Z", and an arc on a circular blue background to spell out the nickname of the division, "Ozark". In 1921, the division became part of the Organized Reserve and was allocated to the states of Arkansas and Missouri, the Ozark region, and therefore adopted the design. When the French settled in this area, they found it inhabited by Indians who were very proficient with the bow and arrow, and they therefore called the entire region "Terre aux arcs" or "Bow Country". "Ozark" is an Americanization of "aux arcs", and the arc in the insignia actually represents an Indian bow and signifies marksmanship. Gold and blue are the colors which tradition has always associated with valor and distinction. Motto: "Distinction, Valor, Marksmanship"

Arrived European Theatre of Operations on 22 September 1944 (arrived in the UK but did not embark).

Arrived Continent 23 September 1944 and the Division entered combat at 26 October 1944.


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