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You must be a mind reader Fred - that was exactly the type of thing I was looking for!!!
Posted By: DPas
you have set yourself a task to correlate all the information shown on your links.i am not familiar with this exercise,but look forward to your completion of same.thank you for posting
Posted By: Bernard85
Brilliant! Astonishing! An epic piece of work.
Posted By: Fred Wilson
WOW! What can I say?? I used to think that American patriotic music far exceeds all music. I know now that we learned from the British, our family! Great! What more can I say!?! Many thanks to the English for your loyalty and friendship! Scott Bogan
Posted By: S Bogan ( )
wonderful work What a wonderful work you do. I thank you so much for the Tribute you did for my Uncle Clinton Kwaak. I will continue to visit your website. You are a passionate man. BarbaraBarbara Dullaghan
Posted By: Barbara
What can I say ? that is fantastic, that to me is a memorial to my father, and words cannot say how much I appreciate it and proud I feel .Is it possible for you to keep me updated on additions etc to your site? Best Regards Dave
Posted By: Dave
Web-Site Visit Really great web-site-Thank You-I enjoyed the visit. Good Luck. WW2-Vet-Co.E-345th-Regt-87th- Inf.Div.Patton's-3rd-Army
Posted By: Jim Hennessey ( ND-JimHennesse
very nice site hey fred,you have a very nice site!! Keep o_n the good work, your site is extraodinary!!I will often come back to your sitecome and visit our site webmasterOTRA
Posted By: masterOTRA ( schreurspeter@hot
Thanks Fred,The track you have made me for Rule Britannia is absolutely sensational.Its just like the last night at the Proms.I am sure that with this track. I will be asked to do Rull Britannia many times and it will soon become one of my most reqested songs I cant thank you enough for your superb work. Jill
Posted By: Jill ( )
Robert Cunial aka THE CISCO KID my grandfather served with the 357th infantry regiment from oct.16,1943- feb.8,1946 I am tring to find out as much information as possible about him or his unit. please email me if you can help.
Posted By: paul ( )

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