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My cousin passed away last week.He served in the 531st AAA BN in France during WW2. He was a 1st Lt.He stayed in for 28 years retiring as a Lt.Col
Posted By: Tony Murello
I really enjoy your website. I just recently traveled to the Normandy region. To Caen and Omaha, Juno & Sword beaches. I really love WWII history and it was amazing.
Posted By: Racheal ( [email protected] ):
Hi Fred! Je hebt een fantastische multimedia presentatie gemaakt voor de opening van onze turnhal. Het is inmiddels al enige tijd geleden, maar het gaf de openingsceremonie precies het smoel waar we naar zochten. De presentatie is ook op onze website gezet: => Reportages. Nog heel hartelijk dank voor je moeite en snelle respons op onze vraag. Heel veel creatief succes gewenst verder. Namens TON, Martijn Loots.
Posted By: Yrcimim
Help? My father, Clayton Weiker. just passed away on Dec 10 this year. He was the chauffer for the commanding officer of the 50th. General Hospital at Normandy. He told me very little about the experience and now I would like to find out more.if anyone could give me some help on where to look for more info. I would be thrilled. Thanks
Posted By: Phil Weiker
Hallo Fred! Da's lang geleden, ik weet 't nog goed: M'n eerste drumlessen in de muziekschool van Almelo. Goh, wat heb ik het nog vaak over je gehad, nu nog af en toe. Vol bewondering voor die tijd! En weet je? Alles lijkt goed te gaan komen, surf maar eens naar m'n website. Bedankt voor die tijd en een groet, Joost Visser...
Posted By: Joost_Visser
Dear Fred! hello i am from Israel, and i raelly liked what i download here... its really cool and seems like u got your music in your soul and i wish that every singer could have express his words the way u do. cheers!
Posted By: Amnu
Dank voor je aanmelding, alsnog Beste Fred, Alweer zo'n twee jaar geleden vroeg je plaatsing van je site op de door mij beheerde ..... Ik wist niet goed wat ik er mee aan moest. Diplomatiek als je was drong je niet aan, doch stuurde me nadien geregeld je nieuwsbrief. Uit nieuwsgierigheid nam ik vandaag weer eens een kijkje op je site, - en was verbaasd en verheugd over het nieuwe uiterlijk en inhoud. Je site staat erbij.
Posted By: Bert
D-Day Events in Normandy, June 2004 Thank you, Fred, for taking the time and commitment to create this site. I stand beside you in your gratitude for the sacrifice made hearly 60 years ago. Do any guests out there know of a web site that has information about ceremonies at this year's 60th Anniversary? I plan on being there. Thanks once again...
Posted By: Marc Cormier ( [email protected]
Can you help me? My Dad, Robert Hollis (Sergeant Robert Hollis) was part of Headquarters Company, 8th Infantry division. He was in Normandy, northern France, Ardennes, Rhineland, Cental Europe and was part of the liberation of Dachau. He received the Bronze Star w/cluster, Combat Infantry badge, Presidential Citation, European-American-Middle Eastern Theater Ribbon w/5 bronze stars and arrowhead. I am looking for more information
Posted By: Francille Hollis
Your music touches me in ways I can't yet explain. Your site has inspired me to learn more about Normandy and where my father was during that time. He died about 6 years back and is greatly missed. It's hard to become the older generation in our family now! Thanks again for your efforts and passion to keep this history and its impact on our world in front of people.
Posted By: Rick from the USA

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