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Absolutely beautful, Fred. My mother's words and your music are incredible. Thank you. Nellie van Roelie
Posted By: Pieternella McGuinness: Mrs.
About Night and Fog: The music is so well done, so beautiful, so dramatic, so devastating... it tells it's story of the Holocaust, as all such music should. Thanks for uploading with the footage.
Posted By: Kiara Furbaby
A mes Liberateurs Un jour, enfant, j?ai perdu mon nom Je n?
Posted By: Guest
- Zoon van mijn zuster die prachtige muziek componeerde Ik luister en hoor klanken die in mijn hart hun echo vinden -
Posted By: Special Guest
:-) Fred Vogels, at last he gets what he deserves! A super contract with TALPA. Big Hug from Rene Laanen
Posted By: Rene Laanen ( [email protected]
:-) Fred, Thanks so much. You really went out of your way to help me try to find some answers.I can't tell you how much that means to me. So thank you and God bless.. Melissa
Posted By: Melissa ( [email protected]
Your music touches me in ways I can't yet explain. Your site has inspired me to learn more about Normandy and where my father was during that time. He died about 6 years back and is greatly missed. It's hard to become the older generation in our family now! Thanks again for your efforts and passion to keep this history and its impact on our world in front of people.
Posted By: Rick from the USA
Over Night and Fog: Fred: prachtige muziek bij deze weer schokkende beelden. Daar kan Hans Zimmer een puntje aan zuigen
Posted By: Eric Boom
After request and research by Back to Normandy: Thank you so much for what you have done to help us. It was very kind of you, and my father and I are very grateful to you.
Posted By: Guest Back to Normandy
D-DAY side met muziek van toen ( side over d-day, met prachtige eigengemaakte composities. video's en foto's, en verhalen van veteranen
Posted By: Senioren website

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