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Back to Normandy A place for Fred Vogels To advance his excellent Back to Normandy Website
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Moin zusammen, ich habe hier eine Seite gefunden die richtig gut gemacht ist. Der Westfront Verlauf von Juni 1944 bis Mai 1945 wurde mit Google Map Tag f
Posted By: German forum
Posted By: DON 29th Division
Thank you Fred you have filled in some gaps and made me feel very sad as I we were not able to talk much to Dad as he died when we were quite young. We are now trying to put together a history for our children. We want them to feel as proud as we do Best wishes and thank you Deborah
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Wat heeft u een hoop werk over de jaren verricht, ongelooflijk, om de herinnering aan wat gebeurd is levend te houden en de gebeurtenissen, veelal met zeer trieste afloop, (letterlijk) in kaart te brengen.
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There is an article on your wonderful web site, Dennis Egan - The Man Who Got Things Done. Dennis was my wife's uncle and much of the information about Dennis she had never heard. Thank you very much!
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Happy Birthday to a great website. 10 years old and still going strong. Many many more years of telling the real story of D Day.
Posted By: My dearest friends
If the movie is heartbreaking, so the music...i really salute the director as well as you Mr.Fred Vogels.....
Posted By: A guest saw Night and Fog
You dit a hell of a job so far, Fred. Respect !
Posted By: Ruud
WOW! What can I say?? I used to think that American patriotic music far exceeds all music. I know now that we learned from the British, our family! Great! What more can I say!?! Many thanks to the English for your loyalty and friendship! Scott Bogan
Posted By: S Bogan

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