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wonderful work What a wonderful work you do. I thank you so much for the Tribute you did for my Uncle Clinton Kwaak. I will continue to visit your website. You are a passionate man. Barbara
Posted By: Barbara Dullaghan
Web-Site Visit Really great web-site-Thank You-I enjoyed the visit.Good Luck. WW2-Vet-Co.E-345th-Regt-87th- Inf.Div.Patton's-3rd-Army
Posted By: Jim Hennessey
Way to go and congrats!
Posted By: Skipper
wat is dit prachtige muziek ..........Toch zal ik de site in gedachten houden. En ik vind het interessant om uw Normandy-project te volgen.....vanavond (pas) een stukje gedownload...... wat is dit prachtige muziek!!!!!! Complimenten!!!! Nou, d
Posted By: Gemma
very nice site hey fred,you have a very nice site!! Keep o_n the good work, your site is extraodinary!!I will often come back to your sitecome
Posted By: masterOTRA
this is a great site. my uncle fought with 12th infantry regiment 4th infantry division at utah beach. he would go o_n to fight and survive subsequent campaigns thruout france and germany. i am very proud of him and ALL WW2 vets who sacrificed so much. God bless them all. steve jump macon, ga.
Posted By: steve jump
The greatest homage we can pay to truth is to use it.
Posted By: aicaul
The First Americans on French Soil on June 6, 1944: D-Day Shane Olson Halma, MN 56729 Sgt. Harvey S. Olson 4th Cavalry Reconaissance Troop A & 24th Cavalry Reconaissance Troop B The First Americans on French Soil on June 6, 1944: D-Day Iles St Marcouf This story submitted by Shane Olson, Grand Nephew of Harvey S. Olson SEE THE FORUM
Posted By: Shane Olson
Thank you very much for this website. It makes the Army's history that much more valuable to me personally. Veteran of The Gulf War 90-91 Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003-2004 Sgt S. Humphrey
Posted By: Sgt. S. Humphrey
Thank you Many times i wonder what it was like, wat would i do. I'm 36 years old so it is distent to me, but... what was it like. What if i was a british, american or german soldier. Never can i grasp the feelings of the time. Only thing i can say to the allies. Thank you for your sacrafice. My freedom is dear to me.
Posted By: Stefan van Duursen

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