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Super side. I drive each year into normandy. Greeting from Switzerland Alex
Posted By: Alex
Sincere gratitude I was born in 1942 and I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all those brave Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen/womenwho through their courageous efforts allowed me to bring up two wonderful children, who in turn gavemy Wife and I beautiful grandchildren, and that they all have been able to live in peace and freedom.We are forever in your debt.
Posted By: Malcolm
Served with the 559th AAA (AW) Bn at Camp Tophat from the start of the building of it by the engineers until sent back to the States in November of 1945.
Posted By: Herman P. Ledger
Remember all fallen soldiers who fought in a cruel war... Greetings from Germany on D-Day
Posted By: Raven
really great website! congratulations! (excuses me for my english language, i'm french...) :mmm:
Posted By: luc
Omaha beach Somebody wrote to me ........The composition Omaha Beach almost made me cry.......... With respect Fred
Posted By: Fred Vogels
Omaha Beach I was eight years old on D-Day. I am going to Normandy with my Sister-In-Law's Father, Josep Catanzaro, 29th Infantry Division, who landed at Omaha Beach on D-Day in May. It will be his first trip back since 1944. I also hope to get to The American Cemetery in Luxembourg City and the Museums at Diekurch and Bastogne. God bless all the vets who fought and died.
Posted By: Joseph Paulin
Nice Site Hello,This is a very nice site about WW II, I enjoyed looking at the pictures, and because of that a wanted to sign the guestbook, please look also at my personal site and also sign my guestbook.Keep up the good work.Greetz Bjorn
Posted By: Bj
Name Robert Osuna I'm looking for any members of the 980th Field Artillery Batallion. My fathers name is Jose Osuna from San Diego, Ca. and was a Medic and Cannonier who landed on the 4 th day. I would like to get information on any reunions that may be scheduled, or just anyone who was in that outfit.
Posted By: Robert Osuna
My father, Elmer Davenport, was with the 30ID, 119IR, and fought from mid June 1944, thru France, belgium, and Holland. He was in the battle for Mortain, and others I can't remember (he told me this in 1969). He was subsequently captured on October 22nd during the battle for Aachen. He spent 7 months in captivity in Stalag IIA or IXB. There seems to be some discrepancy from what he told me compared to official military records. He saw more than his share of combat. I am so proud of him.
Posted By: joe davenport

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