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Name Robert Osuna I'm looking for any members of the 980th Field Artillery Batallion. My fathers name is Jose Osuna from San Diego, Ca. and was a Medic and Cannonier who landed on the 4 th day. I would like to get information on any reunions that may be scheduled, or just anyone who was in that outfit.
Posted By: Robert Osuna
My father, Elmer Davenport, was with the 30ID, 119IR, and fought from mid June 1944, thru France, belgium, and Holland. He was in the battle for Mortain, and others I can't remember (he told me this in 1969). He was subsequently captured on October 22nd during the battle for Aachen. He spent 7 months in captivity in Stalag IIA or IXB. There seems to be some discrepancy from what he told me compared to official military records. He saw more than his share of combat. I am so proud of him.
Posted By: joe davenport
My Father was with the 357th Infantry Regiment, 90th Division. Ho was awarded Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Bronze Arrowhead, 5 Batle Stars, Combat Infintry Badge, WWII Victory Medal, and served 3 years. Pop passed away back in 1962 and never told me about his WWII experiences as I was still a youngster. I was in stationed in Germany in my 4 Army years starting in 1972. I hope to retrace my Pop's steps from his WWII Army Days.
Posted By: Frederick Pick
My father was in the 29th division 115th inf. he landed o_n Omah beach June 6th 1944. I am interested in hearing from any vets. that served in the 29th divison.
most beautiful sites Please, Fred, go on your wonderful work ! One of the most beautiful sites I have seen about World War II. Bruno
Posted By: Bruno LECAPLAIN
May the noise of war fade out Hello Fred, This is some heavy stuff you made for the universal soldier and civilian. The pain and struggle in wartime is evident in every second of your music. May the noise of war fade out into a fade in of music of and for peace. Greetigs from Pieter, and don 't hold the music back! Share it with us,....
Posted By: Pieter
Just great,loved the music and info.Thank You.WW2-Vet-Co.E.-345th-Regt-87th-Golden Acorn-Inf.Div.Bayonne N.J.-U.S.A.
Posted By: Jim Hennessey
Information on my father who served in the 449th Military Police WW II Dear Friends,Please help me find information o_n my father who served in the 449th Military Police and landed at Normandy o_n June 6. His name was Anthony Albert Aiello, he was a bugler and a liberator of a Nazi death camp. I am a rabbi, and national rabbi for Bugles Across America. I sound Taps for veterans' funerals... in his honor. I will be at the WWII memor
Posted By: Rabbi Barbara Aiello
I'm transcribing the POW DIary of my granduncle, Edwin Eddie Erickson, of the 899th Tank Destroyer Battalion. He landed on DDay and was captured on June 7th along with Captain Wood or Ward, and Eddies friend, Weinberg. He spent the rest of the war in Stalags, and was liberated by the Russians eventually. Made it back to the US eventually, raised a family with at least 22 great great grandkids.
Posted By: Dar McNally
I would very much to know if any one remembers my second uncle Dr. Harold Burch Riser who was present at D-day, sorry have no details as to where or when but was taking care of injuries from D-Day. And he was never able to talk about any of his experiences. Must have been terrible. I am so grateful to all that served and this is a great sight.
Posted By: Josie

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