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I really enjoy your website. I just recently traveled to the Normandy region. To Caen and Omaha, Juno & Sword beaches. I really love WWII history and it was amazing.
Posted By: Racheal
I must admit that I found this site by mistake but this is a great site!!! I wish more people will invest their time to build sites like this one. Thank you
Posted By: gini
I just watched the movie band of brothers for the 5th time. It still and will always bring me such saddness of the good men we lost and such pride to all men and women who sacrificed so much for our freedom. If Dick Winters or any of the members of the 101st especially easy co. are still left I would love to have the privalede to write to you. God Bless you all respectfully your William Barone
Posted By: william barone
I have just joined this interesting and informative wesite. As an organiser of a 60th anniversary event myself I appreciate all the hard work people put in to websites and contacting members etc. Our event is in 6 days and so is our wedding, so I am extremely busy to say the least! Our event is being held for the veterans and over the past 14 months I have met some wonderful people, veterans, re-enactors, organisers etc. I hope to get to know some of you from this site and would like to say to Fred, you are a truly amazing person - keep up the good work and I hope to pop in often to this site. All the best Marie-Karen
Posted By: Marie Karen
I enjoyed the lesson o history. It is good to keep to keep these memories alive. I had a brother in the 44 div. in that area. Thank You. Annie Phillips
Posted By: Annie Phillips
I am researching the WWII History of my father in law who was a radar operator on a C-47. He was in the 49th Troop Carrier Squadron. On D-Day he flew with Captain Jack Cardwell. His name was Sgt. Paul Decker. Mission Boston, Serial #22, #2. The lead paratrooper on the plane was 1st Lt. Napierkowski.. I am also searching for a copy of the history of the 49th Troop Carrier Squadron. I have studied the book Pulse and Repulse (Troop Carrier & Airborne Teams in Europe during WWII) by H. Rex Shama. Mr. Shama was a glider pilot in the 49th.
Posted By: Philip Smart
Honour to those who fought and died for our freedom across the world. Holland
Posted By: Remeber
Hi! Knappe site en nog veel succes!! My sincere greetings and best wishes!
Posted By: oiqobouj
Hi, we were looking where the hits to our website came from and reading the name Fred Vogels got us interested. Nice music!!!! Good to see more people that are interested in WW2 on the internet.
Posted By: Bart and Teun oostvogels
Hi, I enjoy your website and it was a good idea from Jill to give me this url. Musik knows no walls among nations. Sincerely Wolfgang Hildebrandt singer/songwriter, human rights activist
Posted By: Wolfgang Hildebrandt

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