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Hi, we were looking where the hits to our website came from and reading the name Fred Vogels got us interested. Nice music!!!! Good to see more people that are interested in WW2 on the internet.
Posted By: Bart and Teun oostvogels
Hi, I enjoy your website and it was a good idea from Jill to give me this url. Musik knows no walls among nations. Sincerely Wolfgang Hildebrandt singer/songwriter, human rights activist
Posted By: Wolfgang Hildebrandt
Hi i'm the frenchy who helped you to get fuel on 5th june.... Welcome in normandy.....
Posted By: GREFFIN
Hi Fred.....What a beautiful, evocative and wonderful web site you have presented for the memories and enjoyment of veterans and their families from all over the free world. I plan to return to this site many times to experience as much as I can.[/B][B]Best wishes for your continuing success in this and future endeavors. You are helping us all to remember that Freedom Isn't Free. Warmest Regards, Cliff Stark ~
Posted By: Cliff Stark
Hi Fred! Dropped in to your website ? most excellent ? good work! Your composition is very good too! Haven?t had time to explore your site further yet?? but it looks very interesting. You are most welcome to visit our site at
Posted By: Sosabowski family
Posted By: donald koos
hi fred D DAY will always be the day thousand of joung men where killed to give us freedom i just returned from washinghton d.c and was very much touched by all those old veterans that still where a live and we all joined hands and prayed for all those that had died on the front line . my self i remember sinds i was a slafe laborer for the nazis the dind believe it happen and we did have to work until bitter end .thanks for jour mesage josie
Posted By: Josie
Hi a relative of the British 1st airborne gave us a link to this site. Thanks we like it very much. We also live in the Netherlands and were liberated by the American 104th Infantry Division Good luck, Teun and Bart
Posted By: Teun and Bart
Hello, Found your site and Love it! We are stationed in Germany right now and loving it. We are right down the road from where most of the Battle of the Buldge took place. The history here is amazing. Any questions you might have just let me know.
Posted By: Judy Kracht Hielsberg
Hello Mr. Vogels, I am a high school student in Loveland Colorado and I am doing a project on fighter pilots of WWII. I have found your music and Market Garden truly moves me. May I please have your permission to incorporate this song into my presentation? I would be honored to play it and I believe it will help make a profound impact on my audience. Thank you so much Chris
Posted By: Chrs

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