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Great Site. Fantastic!!
Posted By: Melodias
got your music in your soul Dear Fred! hello i am from Israel, and i raelly liked what i download here... its really cool and seems like u got your music in your soul and i wish that every singer could have express his words the way u do. cheers!
Posted By: Amnu
Goeie middag Hoe het kwam weet ik niet meer, maar opeens via een search naar muziek kwam ik op uw website terecht. Afgelopen zomer zijn mijn vrouw en ik (samen met mijn dochter) nogmaals naar Normandi
Posted By: Willem
From an e-mail about the song Tonight we will remember them, a o_ne day stand We have just listened to your arrangement and it is absolutely beautiful. To do so well in such a short time is amazing and magnificent. We know that the veterans, Dame Vera and everyone else will be really impressed and touched by such a stunning arrangement of such a beautiful song
Posted By: Email from a friend
Fred: a post of good friend Fred, I am Michael Accordino. I landed o_n DDay, Omaha Beach 1st wave with the 299th Engineer Combat Battalion. Our objective blow the beach obstaclesfor the following waves. June of 2004 I returned to Normandy for the 60th Anniversary of DDay. In the city of Ste Mere Eglise I met and had a pictur taken with a women, who I found a few weeks ago to be, Marie Pinhas. I tried unsuccesfully to find her address,on the internet and seeking help from an acquaintance in the Belgian Embassy. I would appreciate if you or someone reading this message can help me in this matter. Thank you, Michael
Posted By: Fred Vogels
Fred, Your new download file Land of Hope and Glory is really sensationalIt must be the best version available anywhere o_n the www.I will be doing a version with vocals if any of your members would like vocal versions of this and other British wwii songsthey can be downloaded at ANTHEMS.htm. Keep up the good work Fred it is really appreciated.Jill Daniel
Posted By: Jill
Fred, I sat next to you at the Albert Hall and I would very much like to hear your music. I've ordered your CD Sincerely Pam
Posted By: Pamel Scott
Dear Fred We have just played your composition Back to Normandy. We both enjoyed it enormously. It is very descriptive and evocative. We hope that it receives the publicity and success it deserves. It was nice meeting you and talking to you. We had a wonderful week. We thank all of our Dutch friends for their kindness, generosity and hospitality. We had special celebrations in England o_n Sunday night (although our main o_nes are not till June - in between VE and VJ day.) Your friend Vera Lynn took a small part in the concert. Although she didn't sing she is still as radiant and beautiful as ever. She is a wonderful lady. Look after the signature she gave you!! We wish you success in your work and very many thanks for your gift. It was a lovely suprise and we shall continue to enjoy listening to it.
Posted By: rom an Air Gunner
Cool site and good music. Greatrings from Barcelona.
Posted By: David Puente
Comments My Grand Father (Fred Garner) served in the para's in WW11 in the 7th Batallion and i was wanting to find out some information. Does anyone know him, or know where i could find any details of his jumps, where he was wounded, who he jumped with?
Posted By: Louise Jennings

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