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Windmolenpark Tegenover de Normandische landingsstranden.
Tot mijn verbijstering vernam ik dat de Franse Overheid een project heeft opgesteld voor een windmolenpark van 75 windmolens van elk 175 m hoogte 10 km voor de kust van Courseulles-Sur-mer en Arromanches-Les-Bains in Calvados Normandië.
De plaatsing is precies tegenover één van de meest historische plaatsen uit de geschiedenis van de Tweede Wereldoorlog, landingsstranden van D-Day.
Ik herinner mij nog levendig de toespraak van President Hollande op de 70e verjaardag van D-Day vorig jaar waar hij, in het bijzijn van 20 wereldleiders (waaronder Obama, Poetin, Queen Elisabeth) pleitte om gans het landingsgebied voor te stellen als Unesco Werelderfgoed:
“…..That’s why, in the name of France, I’d like the beaches of the Normandy Landings to be included in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, because this place belongs to humanity’s global heritage. This inclusion will remind us of the sacred nature of this place, so as to protect it for evermore, and above all to welcome all the generations who come to visit its sites when they want to understand, when they want to see where humanity’s fate was played out, where it was decided, on 6 June 1944.” (Citaat uit de toespraak van President Hollande).
Een plaats waar een definitieve ommezwaai plaatsvond in de bevrijding van Europa en waar duizenden jonge mannen uit de USA, Groot-Brittannië, Canada, Frankrijk en nog vele andere landen hun leven lieten voor onze vrijheid gaat men nu verminken met een windmolenpark. Dit is een regelrechte kaakslag voor alle Veteranen die elk jaar met zoveel eer overladen worden bij de verjaardag van D-Day op 06 Juni:
“ ….I want to express my gratitude to all the combatants who are no more: Americans, Britons, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, Poles, Belgians and all the nationalities engaged with the Allies. They all served humanity, and if today we can live in peace, if we can live in security, if we can enjoy sovereignty, protected by the laws we’ve chosen, it’s thanks to those men who gave their lives. And I say it here on this beach: the Republic’s gratitude will never die…..”
“…6 June is no ordinary date. It isn’t simply the Longest Day. It’s a day when every moment compels the living to remember those who were killed. It is for us, representing the people united here, to keep the promise written with the soldiers’ blood. It is for us to remain faithful to their sacrifice by building in their name and on future generations’ behalf a fairer and more caring world.
Yes, I pay my respects to those killed on 6 June and during the Battle of Normandy. I salute the veterans and tell the heads of state and government how grateful I am to see them gathered here. And at the same time, I want to tell them that what lies ahead of us is more than a duty, it’s an obligation for the world and a duty towards those who fought on these beaches and who, today – this very day – know in their hearts that we are their heirs” (Citaat uitde toespraak van President Hollande).
Blijkbaar is het geldgewin veel belangrijker dan ons historisch erfgoed.
Laat ons daarom ons gezond verstand gebruiken en deze plaatsing tegenhouden (de Atlantische kust is groot genoeg) of er ten minste voor zorgen dat de windmolens 20 km in zee zouden geplaatst worden in plaats van 10 km. Dit zou al heel wat minder visuele schade veroorzaken voor deze historische kuststrook.
Posted By: Yvan Bauters
About Battle of Britain trailer: Beautiful work as always!
Posted By: Jim Karpeichik
Sargent Archibald Donald Jones is my grandfather and finding this has brought tears to my eye as I've never see this picture of him.
Thank you so much for sharing my grandfather RAF story.

Many thanks
Donna Harris
Posted By: Guest
New correct map location gives the raid its true purpose. Had a personal interest as my father was the pilot of the lead Hampden AExx over the target.
Posted By: Guest
Thank you Fred. It certainly looks like a lot of work to me.
And very pleased that you have taken the trouble to do the work
Posted By: Guest
The orginal music for this must-see film by Alain Resnais was by Hans Eisler (1955). In 2011, Fred Vogels, who runs the Memorial website "Back to Normandy" wrote his own music for "Nuit en Brouillard" ("In The Hollow Of The Night"). Mr. Vogels wrote us, in our words:
'"Nuit en Brouillard" is about the Shoa. It has footage you may not want to see. As sick as It made me at first, this film led to my own score under it. The music was in my head. I had to do it. It is dedicated to my family in the KZ Lager. I finished my composition and I am proud of it.
I am still sickened by what I see. I will never understand, whatever I do, be it writing music or building the story of "Back to Normandy".'
Mr Vogels's work is in tune with the work of memory we engage in. We at /feel the grave importance of this personal work grafted on earlier memories for our group. And so we express our gratitude to Mr Vogels fo being so kind as to share it with us.
We also like to take this opportunity to emphasize that this post is another reminder to all members that WWIITAAC is not your run-of-the-mill "Oh wow, look at that tank" photo dump.
Posted By: Vincent van Neerven
The web site is wonderful. Love the music and it's presentation. Excellent work. You are a gifted man. I'm glad we met for it's a privilege to know you.
Posted By: Guest
After publishing my film "Goodbye Normandy Veterans": God bless all the veterans. Thank you, Lovely, very moving!, This certainly brought a tear to my eye, To see these veterans march, put pictures to the word "I was proud to be" These men have never lost their pride over being soldiers fighting for freedom., Met genoegen en een klein traantje gekeken.Bedankt voor de tip Fred........more on FB
Posted By: Fred
I am amazed at your work for this History project. I am currently working of the story of a Canadian Field Artillery Regiment and like to connect with you to share information. I have read the " Music Back to Normandy " page filled with passion!! I have questions related to our project for the 12th Field. What is the best way to reach you - Are these message private or public ? Is your location in Holland ?
Posted By: Guest
Tim Gray: You are so very talented Fred. Thank you for doing the music for our Omaha Beach film. It was amazing. Tim
Posted By: Tim Gray