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I am amazed at your work for this History project. I am currently working of the story of a Canadian Field Artillery Regiment and like to connect with you to share information. I have read the " Music Back to Normandy " page filled with passion!! I have questions related to our project for the 12th Field. What is the best way to reach you - Are these message private or public ? Is your location in Holland ?
Posted By: Guest
Tim Gray: You are so very talented Fred. Thank you for doing the music for our Omaha Beach film. It was amazing. Tim
Posted By: Tim Gray
Discover this website by our W2TAC member Fred Vogels: a rich and growing encyclopedia of WWII.
Posted By: Guest
Thanks, Fred. Really appreciate your interest and efforts. My mother was romantically involved with one of the crew, XX. She died recently, but I was able to tell her that I had been able to obtain the details of how he had died. How much of it she knew already I do not know, but I wanted to know, for sure, and she was very grateful for what I had discovered.
Posted By: Guest
First of all I want to thank you for all of your hard work making this information easily available........
Posted By: Guest
This is incredible ! Thank you for providing all of us with this in-depth research, this is a tremendously important history lesson that I never knew about. Thank you for this important historical information...!
Posted By: Guest
I give thanks to God, as a living survivor of Omaha Beach, Medical Detachment, 16th. Infantry, 1st Infantry Division, I am humbled by the tremendous sacrifices and service by all who stormed the beaches of Normandy on D-Day. May God bless the memory of all who gave their lives that day, and all who have since passed on!
Posted By: Guest Medical Detachment, 16th. Inf Regt. st Inf
Night and Fog is a film I have seen more than once over the decades. I think it is the most powerful visual document of WWII.
Your music is intensely powerful, sorrowful and beautiful all at the same time. It seamlessly balances and complements the visual images, without it many of them would be unbearable to watch.
Posted By: Guest
Hi Fred,

Thank you very much!

I have been in contact with many of the family members from the crash and have given them your website address so they can read the story of what happened to their family member. I am sure they are all very appreciative of your site and hard work at maintaining it.

Thanks again,
Posted By: Guest
Fred, the story on your web site looks fantastic! Thank you for investing time into what you have done by adding the stories and putting in the Airmen's photos into your web site. I know when fellow readers of WW II history & events come upon the story they are going to find it very interesting.
Posted By: Guest

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