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I was very much surprised to see the photo and contents of your page identifying the Halifax XXXX bomber on it's last flight over Germany. It was a very personal moment as my Father F/O XX was the navigator on this flight. When shot down, he and all the crew parachuted to safety. The pilot Cooper was killed in the incident. We are not sure if he went down with the plane, or died on the ground after parachuting. The crew were captured and sent to Stalug Luft I until the end of the war. The Flight Engineer died in the camp.
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Thank you so very much Fred.
You are a most talented individual and I certainly hope we can work together again soon. We really appreciate all your beautiful talents.
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Hello Fred,

thank you very much for your answer! You’ve helped me a lot with your information, and I’m really looking forward to playing “Back to Normandy” – it’s a very inspiring work!!
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Thankyou very much Fred
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Thank you so much for enabling a valuable family find on your website, Fred.
The Lancaster plane featured carries a family member (my sister's father) on board. Sad to say, all perished in Germany on this mission & are buried in Hamburg cemetery.
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Thank you for this excellent work… It’s nice to be working alongside someone who is motivated by the men who’s stories we are telling.
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I can’t find the words to say how I appreciate your message.

I’ll make all I can to get the more about my uncle. When he found, for the first time after the war, someone who wanted to listen to him, he was so happy. He told me so very few.

When I told him I would be honored to write his story, his face came like a sun, with a wonderful smile. He began to note some events and he passed away 2 weeks later. That happened in 2002.

Am I responsable about his departure ? I still ask myself today.

But be sure I’ll send you a copy of my notes. You’ll have to be patient.

I thank you very much for your help. Have a nice day,


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Thanks for posting the information about the George's mission to Nevers. Most of all thank you for all the effort you do to remind us of the sacrifices made during the war by countless young men and women.

Thank you on behalf of the families
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The music is sounding excellent. . I am knee deep into this project editing and hearing this is absolutely inspiring. I think it might be helpful for me to use a few excepts in different parts of the film as I edit just to get a feel for different moods in different places… I think the new version will lend itself much better to our film and style of storytelling….
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WOW!!! That's marvellous!

Well done to all concerned! Or is this all your hard work, Fred?
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