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The lastest updates of Back to Normandy | Fred Vogels.

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Back to Normandy has been updated, because of security reasons, mobile use and new technology and because of a new approach of presenting the thousands of records to the visitors.

A great part of the content has been moved to other places. For example you can find all the divisions in one directory depending of the type of division (infantry, armored or airborne). But be sure, all the data were you looking for is still available. And of course there are new updates! 

It will be more fun to explore Back to Normandy with the tens of thousands of records about WWII. 

Seaching the database

 Database of Back to Normandy. It contains all the records of sailors airmen soldiers and marines and their units. Also all kind of other interesting records: look at the index here: https://wwww.backtonormandy.org/the-history.html

Searching with the result on a map

A very nice tool to help you: https://backtonormandy.org/help/map-search.html. Type the desired location and the radius (circle of 1-5-10-20-50-100-1000 km around your location). If you use a large radius it may take time to load all the records. Read the whole article here: https://www.backtonormandy.org/news/3477-search-the-database-and-information-with-a-map.html

Another way of searching on a specific location is to use the radius tool: https://www.backtonormandy.org/the-history/advanced-search.html. You can combine your search with other combinations like a date or period.

There are also video's that can help you searching: http://backtonormandy.org/av/video/category/help.html

Searching with a keyword 

Search on keywords using Google index(only the content of Back to Normandy): http://backtonormandy.org/help/search.html

Search on keywords using the internal indexer: https://www.backtonormandy.org/help/searching.html

Overview of all the maps 

Maps, maps, maps! By date, by location, by division, by squadron, by theme and a overview of the American Cementery and Memorial in different views. Search this menu with may options (this link shows cities in WWII on a map) : www.backtonormandy.org/maps/cities.html

Takes a little time to load, but it is an overview of all the maps on Back to Normandy: www.backtonormandy.org/content/overview.html

Routes were you can go in Normandy 

Travel to France? Here are the routes that the Allied have taken through Normandy: https://www.backtonormandy.org/normandy-routes.html

Articles in different categories

Content, articles about music and film: www.backtonormandy.org/content/music-and-film.html

Content with all kind of stories: www.backtonormandy.org/content/stories.html

Content in Dutch (Nederlands): www.backtonormandy.org/contents/nederlands.html

Content with stories about persons: www.backtonormandy.org/content/personal-stories.html

Content with my view (opninion) on things: www.backtonormandy.org/content/personal-stories.html

Content by the webmaster: www.backtonormandy.org/content/webmaster.html

Latest news: www.backtonormandy.org/content/news.html

Content about what happened on Malta in WWII: www.backtonormandy.org/content/malta.html


A timeline showing a chronical overview of the most importent historical publications on Back to Normandy: www.backtonormandy.org/timeline.html

Video and photos

A selection of photos of events and commemorations: www.backtonormandy.org/av/photo.html

A selection of historical photos: www.backtonormandy.org/av/historical-photos.html

Listen to music and speeches form WWII, grouped by subject or searchable by keyword or songnames: www.backtonormandy.org/av/audio.html

A selection of videos and films made by Back to Normandy: www.backtonormandy.org/av/video.html

You wil see different categories and also my work as a composer and filmmaker. 

Other places to look

Testimonials about the work of Back to Normandy added by guests: www.backtonormandy.org/testimonials.html

You can help Back to Normandy by donating: www.backtonormandy.org/donate.html

You can become a member or sponsor, see the options: www.backtonormandy.org/sponsor.html

The last records and updated records. Also access to your content: www.backtonormandy.org/last-added-updated.html

The forum: www.backtonormandy.org/forum.html 

Contact and support: www.backtonormandy.org/support.html

Free and pay downloads: www.backtonormandy.org/download.html

The lastest comments on the listings, articles in different presentations: www.backtonormandy.org/comments.html

Abbreviations used in WWII: www.backtonormandy.org/abbreviations.html

Names, units, GPS locations and more of the graves at the American Cemetery and Memorial in Normandy: www.backtonormandy.org/american-cemetery-graves.html

Overview of your contribustion for the database of Back to Normandy: www.backtonormandy.org/my-page/my-page.html?type=listing

Privacy Policy: www.backtonormandy.org/privacy-policy.html

Actual stream of posts of what is published on the social media aboutBack to Normandy: www.backtonormandy.org/social-media.html

Subsribe for and overview of the newsletters on Back to Normandy: www.backtonormandy.org/newsletters.html

Unsubscribe newsletter(s): www.backtonormandy.org/un-subscribe.html

Overview of books about Aviation which are for sale: www.backtonormandy.org/books.html

Order books by a form: www.backtonormandy.org/order-books.html

Archive. All the digital filles used or to be used on Back to Normandy. Only for memberswww.backtonormandy.org/archive.html

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