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Hal Baumgarten, Company B -116 inf.reg. - 29 inf.div.

Date : 2016-12-25
Description : Hal Baumgarten passed away on Dec 25 at 2:25.

I had the honor to meet Hal Baumgarten for a moment in Normandy during the filming of the documentary Omaha Beach, Honor and Sacrifice by WWIIFoundation.
I would have the honor to write the music for this film (later awarded with an Emmy). Together with the other veterans like Morley Piper, Ernie Corvese, Walter Skruder and the thousands of other men, Hal Baumgarten is the symbol for the beginning of the freedom in Western Europe.
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As we approached the beach, the bullets started hitting our LCA. The Company B boat on our left was hit by a shell and blew up. The splintered wood, metal, and body parts were raining down on us from about fifteen feet above. Our young British sailor wanted to drop the front ramp in the twenty-foot-deep water and motor away. Lieutenant Donaldson pulled out his Army Colt 45, pointed it at the frightened seaman, and bellowed, “Take us all the way in." The sailor's fear was well founded. He saw the boat explode on our left, heard all the explosions and gunfire around us and saw the teller mines attached to the wooden pilings in front of us.

Finally, the boat stopped, and the front ramp went down in neck deep water. German MG 42s were trained on our ramp opening, as I stepped forward to leave the craft. The water was bright red, from the blood...
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