21 October 2013

5 years 5 months ago #1315 by fredvogels
fredvogels created the topic: 21 October 2013
After 10 days of hard editing, scripting and writing (not finished, but almost there because of Google) 10860 aircraft are added to the database of Back to Normandy. The coming 5 days is scheduled for geocoding with Google and other small adjustments on the records to make all the records visible.

That's one small step for history, one giant leap for me!

See the records: http://www.backtonormandy.org/the-history/air-force-operations/airplanes-allies-and-axis-lost.html

By squadron: http://www.backtonormandy.org/the-history/air-force-operations/raf-bomber-command/squadrons.html

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