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The Landing

Another composition of many years ago.

With today’s happenings, the Coronavirus, the composition called ‘’The Landing’’ became topical again and made me revisit it because I saw a comparison. I’ll try to explain why. June 6th, 1944 is THE turning point in the last century’s history. You only have the period before and the period after. There is no moment that has moved so much as D-day, the landing in Normandy. A choice between freedom or no freedom. The choice between war or no war (and stopping it). An impact on people that has no limits. Until now.

Someone once said: ‘it is hard to see history when you are in the middle of it.’. That is true. But with a virus, a calamity that has the entire world in its chokehold, just like the Axis (Germany, Italy, and Japan) in the 30s and 40s, you do not see this often. Disasters such as 9/11 had a worldwide impact, but things turned soon to ‘business as usual’ again. There was even money to be made from the people’s fear. With Corona, in my opinion, this cannot be seen as an event by itself. Even if it is only because of the many new insights that we have received. We got these insights as well when we were taught new norms and values that were picked up during the liberation, from the beaches of Normandy.

The comparison is easily made.

In this film, I show the hectic of the Landing. In the middle of the film and especially the music, I also describe human behavior, a feeling (Tom Hanks, who in his mind is returning to his home and family) when happiness was normal. Problems were overseen, With the Landing and Corona, it is suddenly no longer the case. In an LCT (landings boat) that is on its way to certain death for many, many reminisce to a time in which things were fine. Being at home safe with family and friends. Being together.

With this film and music, I create a large, but also very small theme. Showing the single person that is afraid of what is coming. The different solutions that world leaders have that do not match with each other, but each propagating its own solution. With all consequences. A repetition in history.

I do not know how this current period will end. Please do not watch this if you are very occupied with yourself, with the consequences of Corona in your direct environment and have trouble dealing with this. Also, please do not watch if you only see negativity in the war. This is understandable, as war is, just like Corona, something terrible for the people involved.

However, this is not the message of my work. My message is a story about hope and trust. That people that gave their life did not do so in vain. There are people now that follow the same path.

Fragments of the film are from Saving Private Ryan, The Longest Day, and archive material.

The music is inspired by the people from then, and dedicated to the people of today.

Translation Marc Vogels


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