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My friend, LT John Hamilton was billeted in Maastricht during the Battle of the Bulge. He and a SGT were setting charges on one of the main bridges in the event the Germans broke through. However, he and the SGT fell off the bridge. The SGT was swept out and LT Hamilton hung onto some wire cabling until rescued. He returned to Maastricht in the late 1980s and gave his .45 pistol to the local museum. I am trying to find anyone who has unit rosters or any documentation on him. i thought he wa

I’m sorry I never got a chance to know you. You were taken by war before I was born. RIP Your nephew Joe

Dad was with the 551st and told us about his arrival at a beautiful estate in Poole, Dorset until they were sent out on the ships and to await their turn to land on Omaha Beach.

My Dad Paul Cochran was part of the 190th artillary stationed in Bude during WW2. He met my Mom there..she was from Bude..(Vera Mills)

hi, can anyone help me. my mum used to go to eastern manor in ww2 and was with an American based there called lucky, i think his surname was strike first name will i think, can anyone tell me if they knew him, mum used to tell me about someone she was going to marry but he was called home home and was told he died. she is not to well and is always talking to a man called will. i would so like to find out if he was based there, a long shot i know. but thanks for helping. my mums name was sally an

Uncle Peter was not killed in the war. He survived dying in 2005.

I believe that Brigadier General Theodore III Roosevelt was stationed in our English Village of Hurley, Berkshire, UK prior to D-Day. He lived in Hurley House and opposite his quarters was the SOE Code Station Victor. My back garden, a few houses away was taken over as their Motor Pool and my House was occupied by the Auxiliary Fire Brigade, this is a TINY Village. Across the River (Thames) is RAF Medmenham which was where all the Photo Recce pictures were developed. These were then sent across


The information on F/Lt Holloway and Mustang AP263 is false. Check out AIR 27/222/43 and AIR27/222/46 in the National Archives, Kew. Holloway survived and was picked up from his dinghy by an ASR Walrus, 35 milis NW of Sept Iles, Brittany on september 2nd, 1943.


No, that was my father. He passed away in 2005 at 81 years of age. He was indeed born in Uleele. How do you know him?


Hi, I have been sorting through my late grandmother's belongings and found a hand written letter from a Captain Duncan Smith of 123 Fireboat Company BLA dated 2 Jan 1945 to my grandmother, reference my grandfather George Roberts of 123 Fireboat Company. What I do know is that my grandfather went over to Normandy with Mulberry Harbour from Loch Ryan and did get as far as Antwerp where he was hospitalised following an attack on Antwerp which we believe to be a V2 attack. I am trying to find out mo

Joe Davidson was my mother's uncle He died on 4th May 1945 but as your note say he died in the English channel. This is incorrect. He was with 19 son who were escorting the Banff wing of mosquitos on an anti shipping patrol in the Skagerak. He went down after a mid air with younger pilot (circumstances unknown). His resting place is somewhere off Denmark

A correction to the above, if I may: Len and his crew were shot down over Belgium, not Holland. My memory is playing tricks on me.

I worked with Len Collins from 1979 to 1985 and knew that he'd been both an RAF wireless operator and a Prisoner of War. He would only reluctantly talk about his experience, but I did learn the following: After baling out over Holland he spent some time on the run until taken in and hidden, along with an American escapee, by a Dutch woman. Unfortunately, some person unknown betrayed them and they were both captured. For some reason the Gestapo were interested in the American, and they took him a

George Percy Edington is my grandfather.

Google stopt advertising on Back to Normandy. Because of this photo.

My father T-5 Albert Wm Giegold 508 2nd Batt. 'F' Company wrote this about Gene T. Hare: " Gene along with a couple of other fellows was on patrol entering a small village in France. The village was heavily occupied by German troops. IN their effort to get information as to the amount of equipment the Germans had, they were discovered. The Germans lowered an 88 firing it point blank at the fellows hitting Gene in the shoulder. The shell did not explode when it hit Gene, but blew his shoulder a

Im the grandaughter of FL Walter Nicholls DFC, would love to hear from other family members of the other crew