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Thanks Keith, I am not an expert. I hope you have the right photo.

Sorry if someone else has already mentioned it but the photograph captioned Avro Lancaster VI (JB713 F2-Z) on a mission in Harburg on August 19, 1944 above is not accurate, the aircraft shown is a Mk II with Bristol Hercules radial engines. These are easily identified by the large air intakes on top of the cowling which the MkVI Merlin 85's didn't have. Interesting that the aircraft in the photo seems to be flying on one engine! JB713 was the only MK VI out of the nine or ten converted from MK I

You are very right. I knew that as you see the stone. Thanks!

This is Bergen in Norway not the Netherlands.

Hallo, ich bin ein Nachfahre aus dem Ort Sistig - meine Eltern haben als Kinder den Absturz der Lancaster miterlebt (... und nachher das Aluminium des zerstörten Flugzeugs eingesammelt ...). Die toten Besatzungsmitglieder wurden meines Wissens nach vom damaligen Ortsbürgermeister Pütz und Pfarrer Berens mit einigen Freiwilligen bei Nacht und Nebel noch geborgen und an der Kirche notdürftig aber in allen Ehren beigesetzt, bevor die SS am nächsten Tag die Absturzstelle sicherte ... - später wu

Dear Laura Grove, My name is Ben van Drogenbroek from Holland. As a prisoner of war your grandfather Reginald Harold Jacoby participated in the play "A Midsummer Night's Dream", performed at the East Compound of Stalag Luft 3 on August 1, 1943. The play found its origins at Oflag XXI-B Schubin, which prisoners were transferred out in April 1943. Can you tell me if your grandfather was also at Oflag XXI-B Schubin? The reason is that I am writing a book about Oflag XXI-B My e-mail address is

My grandfather (John Preston Thompson) was a member of the 793 Field Artillery. he passed away in 1972. he spoke spoke to me several times of a few of his experiences. One was his description of being close to the front edge of something that could not be stopped when it came in contact with something that could not be moved. he said he felt like a gnat in a hurricane. he tried to describe what it was like when the guns would fire.. said night became day... and that it had to be just h

Helen Toms was a physical therapist in the 114th General Hospital at Kidderminster. She told stories of her time there and left a photo album. She was very proud of her service there.

This man, Brigadier General Nelson Macy Walker, was my grandfather.

Hello, Member of the association "The flowers of memory", I flower the grave of Mr. Ferguson. First, there is an inconsistency (typing error) between the date of his death in the text and in the title. Mr. Ferguson did indeed pass on July 27, not July 07. I am looking for all the information (family, descendant) on this man who gave his life for our freedom. have a good day. Eric

Tim , If you have any more Photos .. Its my Great Grandad Jack Laurens it would be great .

Als hier de QR-P bedoeld wordt, die landde op 27-8-1940 veilig op het strand van Vlieland. Daar zijn zelfs foto’s van in het archief van de gemeente Vlieland.

Good evening, i am a volunteer at atlantikwall bunkers in Holland, and want to make a model of L8831,crashed near ockenburgh Den Haag Holland 10-5-40. Does anyone have a picture or colour scheme of this aircraft? Many thanks ?

Hi Fred, Thank you for sending me “The Unfinished”. What a terrific theme and background for your compositions. Being visually oriented, I found the images of the unfinished paintings very effective – they give you a look ‘behind the curtain’ of the work painters do. Seeing life and presence in the eyes, in the limbs, in the positionings of the finished sections of the painting, then revealing the sketched-but-not-finished canvas surrounding them was very effective. Your music, as

An impressive message for the Dutch people. As a child from a slavelabourer her message convinced me.

My father was on board the Nith as a Telegraphist. I am trying to contact any members of the crew and their families. I have set up a Facebook group for HMS Nith.

Het eindresultaat van je werk, Dick, staat duidelijk en overzichtelijk op Back to Normandy. Een prachtige samenwerking. [video][/video]

Mijn doel was; in gezamenlijk overleg de teksten corrigeren / aanpassen, dat is jammerlijk mislukt! Ik (wij) hebben alleen informatie geleverd, en zijn niet gekend in het eind resultaat. Het goede resultaat hangt af van een gedegen eindcontrole, die mogelijkheid is ons niet geboden, ook omdat er nog steeds geen communicatie mogelijk is. Ook latere correcties zullen daardoor de mist in gaan! Helaas, jammer voor de slachtoffers en de geschiedenis!


Mark, if you ever find yourself in Ottersum for the second time, I'd like to have a picture of yet, I hope you don't ask too much? [url=""]Wikipedia editing services[/url]


While reviewing family records, I found a letter from my father-in-law that was dated December 28th, 1942. In the letter, he stated that he was currently stationed in Africa. He listed his unit as 703rd Ord (Lt Maint) Co.