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An impressive message for the Dutch people. As a child from a slavelabourer her message convinced me.

My father was on board the Nith as a Telegraphist. I am trying to contact any members of the crew and their families. I have set up a Facebook group for HMS Nith.

Het eindresultaat van je werk, Dick, staat duidelijk en overzichtelijk op Back to Normandy. Een prachtige samenwerking. [video][/video]

Mijn doel was; in gezamenlijk overleg de teksten corrigeren / aanpassen, dat is jammerlijk mislukt! Ik (wij) hebben alleen informatie geleverd, en zijn niet gekend in het eind resultaat. Het goede resultaat hangt af van een gedegen eindcontrole, die mogelijkheid is ons niet geboden, ook omdat er nog steeds geen communicatie mogelijk is. Ook latere correcties zullen daardoor de mist in gaan! Helaas, jammer voor de slachtoffers en de geschiedenis!


Mark, if you ever find yourself in Ottersum for the second time, I'd like to have a picture of yet, I hope you don't ask too much? [url=""]Wikipedia editing services[/url]


While reviewing family records, I found a letter from my father-in-law that was dated December 28th, 1942. In the letter, he stated that he was currently stationed in Africa. He listed his unit as 703rd Ord (Lt Maint) Co.


This is my grandfather. He was flying Typhoon H.H.U on the day flack hit his plane and he had to bale out. Unfortunately the wind carried his parachute over enemy lines and he was captured by the Germans and taken as POW to Stalag Luft 1 where he saw out the war. In his log book it says "Attack on MET East of Falaise". Not sure what MET is. I am assuming that the photograph in this entry is a stock photo and not of him?


Hi I have a bit more detail on this after interviewing a witness. Please see the Facebook page 616 squadron. So they did actually complete the mission and had been received by another pair of aircraft. Both Rodgers and Smith were flying back to Tangmere, or they were supposed to. Going to the site of the double crash, you can see what happened. From the channel you can cut across Sandown Bay making a turn back for home. As there is a nice land contour but ....the hills rise steeply towards


My dad, sgt Hobart I Saunders was in the 3113 and landed at etretat fr. he was in charge for getting comma back in France and had a group of French telephone workers working for him.


Bonjour je suis membre de l'association Les Fleurs de la mémoire et à ce titre je fleuri la tombe au moins une fois par an du Lt Kimsey Harold William. J ai beaucoup de mal à obtenir des renseignements sur ce héros. Quelqu un peut il m aider ? Par avance merci. Cordialement

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Wendy, my grandfather was also on that flight - I would be happy to share what I know with you. David Gilchrist

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