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My father flew this aircraft (LL948) in May/June/July/August 1944 during his first Tour with 106 Squadron at Metherington (I have his log book) He was Flight Engineer and then went on to become an instructer with a different squadron. The remainder of his crew were Canadian and the captain was F/O Harris. I am assuming this is a stock photo of a Lancaster I aircraft?

Puff of Smoke. Was this written by you? Stephen

John Cheyney survived the war, and subsequently moved to Brazil, where he died earlier this year (Setember 2021.)

My maternal grandfather, James J Blessing, was in Company A of the 3111 Signal Service Battalion. He departed the US for the ETO on 03/31/1944 and arrived in the UK on 04/06/1944. Battles and campaigns include the Ardennes, Central Europe, Normandy, Northern France, Rhineland. Any further information would be greatly appreciated!

Where did the 85th Ordnance Battalion arrive at and depart from which ports? Dates?

His name was Graham Francis Breckon and his amazing account of being shot down in WW2 can be found here:

To whom it may concern, This message concerns the matter of Lancaster JB226. I was a volunteer at the Greenwood Military Museum located at the Greenwood RCAF base in Nova Scotia Canada for 4.5 yrs. While there, I saw the restoration of a Lanc. for display purposes only. IE. non flightworthy status. The aircraft was painted with the fuselage number JB226/LQ G. After moving back to Ontario, I was contacted by one of the men still working at the museum, to ask if I was willing to take on another pr

Can you provide information for the 501st Transportation Company during Red Ball Express as the unit had another number identification assigned then while as a Quartermaster Truck Company? Where did the unit train at in England prior to D-Day?

Is the 3812 QM truck Company the same as 501st Transportation Company inactivated in 1995?

Trying to find an aerial photograph of HMS Campania anchored in Sandown Bay June 1944

Good Day Fellow Veterans! I am writing with information that I have letters send to local newspapers from November 1944. These are amazing letters with mind blowing stories. I would love to share them with everyone. These are special to me as, my grandfather was one of you and his letter is one of them. I never got to meet him as he did just days before I was born. Would love to learn more about this unit and share these letters with as many as I can every Veteran's Day to keep this

The Callsing is incorrect. instead AA-P it should be JN-P. The Lancaster RA564 with onboard the Barr crew was part of the "C-flight" of the 75(NZ)Sqd RAF. The Call signs used by the 75(NZ)Sqd RAF were AA for the "A-flight"and "B-flight". JN was used for the "C-flight" This mistake is made very often.

Hi , im researching the crash of R1166 for my friend, who's father was on that mission, D youlden. Could you please email me. Richard m

Pvt Henry Nigbor died on Christmas Eve 1944. His troop ship the SS Leopoldville, on the way to Cherbourg, was hit by a torpedo from U 486. The torpedo hit the compartment where his unit Co F ,262 Inf. , 66th Infantry Division was stationed. Most of the survivors from Co F we’re on other parts of the ship.

Activity over the enemy's airfields picked up in late September and on the night of the 26th nine aircraft were airborne on intruder missions. Three Mosquitoes were sent to patrol the airfields of Varrelbusch and Ahlhorn, and of these three only one crew returned. The four men lost were F/Lt John N. Andrews and his navigator Sgt Bill Freeman and F/Lt Johnny L. Storer and his navigator F/Sgt Norman J. Lees. The aircraft that did return was piloted by S/Ldr Welch who had encountered much searchlig

My father, pvt. David Benjamin Swaim, served in the 3712th Quartermaster Trucking Company from Oct. 30/1942 - Nov 19/1945. Since I am a Baby Boomer, born in 1957, when he was 430, I really don't know much about his time in the army. This is all I really know. He never taqlked much about it. I have a picture of him in uniform, and I am very proud of his service, even though he was really not healthy after having meningitis when he was 17 (1934). He was deaf in one ear, and almost blind in one

He was my Uncle and I was named after him. I would like to find out more about my Uncle.