The database has now (-11th of January 2016-) 123.207 records with locations, stories and dates. 

About 50.000 listings are added today with the name of almost 8000 units of the American Support Troops!

On Back to Normandy I have been writing about the many (mostly failed) missions of the Airmen (Allied Squadrons) for Germany, France and the other European countries. Succeeded flights are not logged on Back to Normandy. 

I am also following the ground forces or so called Line-Troops (Divisions) during their battles for Western Europe or the ships who took part in Operation Neptune (D-day). 

I met veterans who did not participate in these Line Troops but worked hard as member of one of the many Support Troops. In the UK or elsewhere behind enemy lines. In most stories about WWII you don't hear about these heroes. For me it was the reason to find more information about what these men and women have done for our freedom. 

I have been using and combining several sources to create an overview of categories and listings  to show where the Support Troops were staying during their preparations and their support of the Line Troops.

Of course there are mistakes in the new records just as there are mistakes in the original sources I used. Specially badly spelled names and places gave me a lot to puzzle. And please forgive me all my own mistakes. :-( !

For the dates I used several periods for every unit (depending what the records where showing me). For example when a unit stayed in the whole month of February 1944 in location A and in the whole month of March 1944 in location B, I have chosen ONE date in the month of February for the first period and ONE date for the second period. I also spread the units as much as possible over these periods to have an average view of all the units on every day during these periods. 

There is much more to tell and to show about the heroic work of the Support Troops. I do hope that readers will sent their stories and pictures to complete the database of Back to Normandy and the stories of the Support Troops. 

For the visitors from the UK: you can use the advanced search (option Radius) to see which unit was in your environment!

You can also use the specially made App (using LAYAR) of Back to Normandy. Read all about it here:

Possible changes in the records will be published on the forum:

A top view:  

You can also look at the records using the maps by date. These records for this update start from this record: 1512 Quartermaster Truck Battalion 1965 Truck Company stayed at Bristol  Gloucestershire on 22 june 1943:

Sometimes you have to refresh your page when the maps are not loading. And some of the maps are loading thousands of records which will take some time, depending on your internet speed and computer for rendering the coordinates.

I hope you enjoy this update. You can put your comments directly under the listing. 

Picture: Overview of February 1944    

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