George Batts, former secretary of the NVA and his servant Alastair Dutch have, because of a difference of opinion with "Back to Normandy", deliberately withheld the documentary  "The Last Pilgrimage" for the Normandy Veterans in the UK.  

"The Last Pilgrimage" is a documentary about the last official commemorations (June 2014) of the Normandy Veterans Association. Just before they disbanded. 

'Back to Normandy' that made this film (2 weeks work, commissioned by the NVA), did not approve that money would be earned for third parties (except for charity). "This film should be free for everybody and available on internet"  is the opinion of 'Back to Normandy'. George Batts and Alastair Dutch have chosen that the film will not be available at all for veterans and their families. No internet link, no DVD, no nothing. A sad state of affairs.

For this same reason George Batts and Alastair Dutch also decided not to sent the interviews with veterans to this website. Despite the fact that the name of 'Back to Normandy' is used to raise the money for this project and the promise that the interviews would be available on the website. 

'Back to Normandy' regrets this and hopes that George Batts and Alastair Dutch will make a wiser decision in the interests of the Normandy veterans and the memory of D-day.

Here is the documentary: 






George Batts and Alastair Dutch

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