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Thanks Donald! I am proud to be your friend for many years now. People should read your story with the 29th Infantry Division. A great division!

You don't see often photos of airplane crashes with the victims beside the airplane. In a way it is difficult for me to publish these kind of photos. I know that the family is aware of this crash, but perhaps never seen this photo before. Although. My only excuse to publish is that this event was 75 years ago. It shows what a crash in WWII looked liked, just after the incident. If people feel uncomfortable with this photo, please let me know.

I feel sorry for George Klein. It looks like he has a kind of mental problem as a result of the war. He was not the only one. I do hope the family will have the time to find out the cause of this strange behaviour. George was not the first one who lied about his past. And probably not the last.

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Thanks Andrew!

My father drove the squadrons reconnaissance half-track in Normandy and would totally disagree with the comments about there performance not being up to earlier campaigns. Dad always said it was the experience of the old Desert boys that kept him and many others alive in Western Europe, they knew their enemy Well and had to deal with elite German units including SS and Panzer Lehr in a new and difficult terrain. This was highlighted at Villers Bocage when lesser battle hardened elements of the 7th Armoured Division pushed to far forward and stopped on open ground even so the next day they cut off Panzer divisions heading for the U.S sector. Certainly the most famous British Armoured Division.

In 1944 the 733rd F.A.Battery arrived in Denbigh, North Wales. Five soldiers were billeted with my family, in our two up/two down terraced house. Although I was just four years old at the time, I have quite clear memories of their stay. Three were allocated an attic "bedroom" (a bare unfurnished, uninviting place) and two were placed in the bedroom that I and younger brother John shared (we had to move out and squeeze in with our parents). Of the five, I can only recall the names of four - Eddie Murphy (a cook), Deptula, Counterman and a very tall country boy nicknamed Zeke. Eddie Murphy was quite boisterous when in his cups, which resulted in many apologies to my mother. These were invariably accompanied by presents of fresh doughnuts, tinned chicken etc, which were gratefully received. My lasting memory of Zeke is my dad (height 5' 6") standing on a stool every morning reaching up to tie Zeke's tie: being a farm boy he had never had occasion to wear one until he joined up. Whilst they were in Denbigh, the soldiers were pestered by young children shouting "any gum chum?". The gum and candy that was generously handed out was devoured in a flash.

There is no 100 percent evidence that this plane was the HF544. Read my article [url=""][/url] in Dutch. It says that the crew is probably burried in Amsterdam as Unknown. Due to regulation these graves may not be openend to check with DNA. Its is also not certain that this plane is the HF544, but it is possible. There are more planes missing in that period.

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Rest in Peace Don

Hoping for any details that can be published. Photo, crew members, their story, etc

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R.I.P. Hal. Thanks!

I don't have a photo, but you can see the grave from a satelite view: see the article

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Kerst groet - Season Greetings!

De muziek: de elfde versie van het mooiste lied dat ooit is geschreven: Stille Nacht.
Het eerste deel verhaalt over het afgelopen jaar: politieke veranderingen, verscherpen en polariseren van menselijke verhoudingen, de oorlogen (met de bombardementen op Aleppo in het bijzonder). Het tweede deel beschrijft dat Stille Nacht altijd zal overleven. Tenslotte vraagt het derde deel aandacht voor een vredige toekomst voor iedereen.

The music: the eleventh edition of the most beautiful song ever written: Silent Night.
The first part tells the story of the past year: political changes, tensions between human relations and the wars (with the bombardments on Aleppo in particular). The second part describes the Silent Night that will always prevail. The final part asks for a peaceful future for everyone.

Fred, Peter, Marc Vogels and Hilke Vogels-Ingelse wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year



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