Route The Outcome - Falaise


A concerted attack on Falaise started on August 7th at 23.00. Over 1000 Allied bombers dropped 5,000 tons of bombs on German positions on the approaches to Falaise. Over 700 artillery guns supplemented the attack. Behind the artillery’s rolling barrage, 600 Allied tanks advanced as part of Operation Totalise. The Allies had to cover 15 miles to get to Falaise and by August 8th they had covered 8 miles, constantly pushing back the Germans. As a result of this success, Kluge postponed the counter-attack against Avranches until August 11th with Hitler’s agreement. While the Germans were being pushed back in the north, they were also being pushed back in the south by the Americans. They were effectively being driven into a pocket – hence the term ‘Falaise Pocket’. 

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