"Red Diamond Division"

It is the diamond that cut into the line of the Vosges in august 1918, and by the capture of Frapelle was the only indentation suffered by the Germans in their southern sectors in three years of trench warfare that helped shear off the salient of St. Mihiel; and that after slowly grinding the Boche cut of the Bois des Rappes, became the point of an arrow that pierced the Meuse and thereby gave the division its name.

Motto: "We will"

Hq arrived in Iceland 10 May 42

First Elements (10th Inf and 46th FA Bn) arrived Iceland 16 Sep 41

Arrived European Theatre of Operations

Arrived Continent 9 July 1944 and entered combat 14 July 1944. 

On this map you will find the positions of the 5th Infantry Division (USA). The map is interactive, which means you can click on the icons on the map. It will open a bubble with the links to the details of this specific location. The seperate listings can be found here: 5 Infantry Division USA



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