"Hitler's Nemesis"

"Hitler's Nemesis"

The division insignia is a red-and-blue octofoila design of eight petalswith a white center. The octofoil, based upon the rules of the 15th Century, was the mark of the ninth son. Red and blue are designating colors of an Infantry division headquarters flag; white is for the numbers used in divisional flags. The circular background is olive drab.

Arrived European Theatre of Operations 27 November 1943

Arrived Continent 10 June 1944 and entered combat 14 June 1944. 

On this map you will find the positions of the 9th Infantry Division (USA). The map is interactive, which means you can click on the icons on the map. It will open a bubble with the links to the details of this specific location. The seperate listings can be found here: 9 Infantry Division USA



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