"Bloody Bucket Division" 

 28th Infantry Division United States

"Bloody Bucket Division" 
"Keystone Division"

The red keystone, official emblem of the State of Pennsylvania, is the official shoulder sleeve insignia of the 28th Division which was originally a Pennsylvania National Guard organization. The Germans called it the "Bloody Bucket" because of the blood-red keystone insignia and vicious fighting tactics during the Normandy Campaign.

Motto: "Fire and Movement"

28th Infantry Division was activated on 17 February 1941 at Camp Livingston Louisiana. For World War II they transferred overseas to the European Theatre of Operations (ETO) on 18 October 1943. Following additional training in Southampton, England, the 28th Infantry Division landed in Normandy, France, on 24 July 1944.

Immediately they entered the fighting in the hedgerows near St. Lo. Following the Normandy Breakout, the 28th paraded through Paris on 29 August 1944 and began driving toward Germany via Luxembourg and by the 2nd of November entered the Huertgen Forest.

The 28th Division got caught in the Batlle of the Bulge and endured many casualties. By early January 1945, they had moved to defensive positions along the Meuse River. By February, they were back on the offensive.

Arrived European Theatre of Operations on 18 October 1943

Arrived Continent 24 July 1944 and entered combat 27 July 1944. 


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