70th Infantry Division United States

The division insignia consists of a white ax, a snowy mountain, and a green fir tree on a red background. The white ax is in recognition of the pioneers who travelled the Oregon Trial to the Willamette Valley, site of Camp Adair where the greater part of the division's training was accomplished' the snowy mountain represents Oregon's Mt. Hood; and the green fir tree finds its origin in the insignia of the 91st Division, from which the cadre of the 70th Division was drawn.

Arrived European Theatre of Operations on 13 December 1944. Task Force HERRON arrived 10 December 1944; entire division arrived 18 January 1945

Arrived Continent 18 January 1945 and First Elements entered combat 26 December 1944.  Entire Division entered combat at 3 February 1945


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