"Onaway Division"

 76 infantry division

The division insignia is an escutcheon which has a red field and a blue chief, separated by an olive drab line; a three-pronged white device is superimposed on the blue chief. The white device was a medieval English heraldic symbol meaning "first son". In World War I the 76th was the first division of the National Army to be drawn from civilian ranks through the draft, hence the insignia and the description, "the first sons of the nation." The combined colors of the field, the device, and the chief are the national colors. "Onaway" is the alert cry of the Chippewa Indians, in whose hunting grounds the 76th Division trained.

Arrived European Theatre of Operations on 21 December 1944.

Arrived Continent 17 January 1945 and First The Division entered combat at 19 January 1945


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