"Railsplitter Division" or "Lincoln Division"

 84th Infantry Division

During World War I the 84th Division was referred to as the "Lincoln" division because it was primarily made up of National Guard [i.e., National Army] units from Illinois, Kentucky, and Indiana--the Lincoln states. Its original insignia was a red ax on a white background within a red circle, with the name "Lincoln" above the ax and the number "84" below it. The present insignia consists of a white ax splitting a white rail on a red circular background. Both insignias recall President Lincoln's youthful use of the ax. With the addition of a split rail, the division adopted the new nickname of "Railsplitters".

Arrived European Theatre of Operations on 1 October 1944.

Arrived Continent 1 November 1944 and the Division entered combat at 18 November1944 (First elements entered combat at 9 November 1944)


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