Emphasis shifted to over-running the Cotentin Peninsula and isolating the port of Cherbourg.

The 9th, 79th and 90th Infantry Divisions and the 82nd Airborne Division attacked west from the Utah beachhead to cut the peninsula in two.
Then the 90th and 82nd swung south to block potential counterattacks while the 9th and 79th Divisions swung north towards Cherbourg.
The 4th Infantry Division continued its attacks along the east coast to close on Cherbourg as well.
The 101st Airborne Division and 30th Infantry conducted limited attacks and sustained an active defense securing Carentan and the vital link between forces operating in the Cotentin Peninsula and the rest of the expanding beachhead.
The 29th and 2nd Infantry Divisions pushed through tough resistance towards Saint-Lô, while the 1st Infantry Division secured the right flank of Commonwealth Forces engaged in heavy fighting around Caen.
The 2nd Armored Division served as a mobile reserve and dispatched subordinate elements to reinforce the attacks of sister units.

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