Your friend Vera Lynn took a small part in the concert

Dear Fred We have just played your composition Back to Normandy.
We both enjoyed it enormously. It is very descriptive and evocative. We hope that it receives the publicity and success it deserves. It was nice meeting you and talking to you.
We had a wonderful week. We thank all of our Dutch friends for their kindness, generosity and hospitality.
We had special celebrations in England on Sunday night (although our main ones are not till June - in between VE and VJ day.)

Your friend Vera Lynn took a small part in the concert. Although she didn't sing she is still as radiant and beautiful as ever.
She is a wonderful lady. Look after the signature she gave you!! We wish you success in your work and very many thanks for your gift.
It was a lovely suprise and we shall continue to enjoy listening to it.

,England,Verenigd Koninkrijk, ME15 8GB
09 January 2017